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Why You Need Tempered Glass

Posted by Ane S on


Looking to protect your mobile device screen?  Tempered glass is the way to go!  Check out the video above and see for yourself how well tempered glass holds up to abuse.

Still using plastic screen guards?  It's time to switch to tempered glass!  Read "5 Reasons Why Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Are Better Than Plastic Covers" to learn why tempered glass outperforms plastic protectors.

Tempered glass is tough and durable, and provides unequaled protection against drops and scratches.  The oil and water resistant coating on the tempered glass creates a comfortable, smooth-to-the-touch protective layer that feels like the original glass screen. It's easy to clean and keep free of finger prints and smudges.

Why we don't carry the cheap stuff.  The quality of the glass and coating on cheaper variants ($10 or less) of tempered glass protectors is as durable and damage resistant--nor are they as clear and smudge-proof--on the $10 protectors as they are on the ones $30 and up.  The cheaper tempered glass can also be harder to install because they are often not cut to fit perfectly to the phone.  So if you’re switching to or replacing a tempered glass screen protector, it makes sense to spend slightly more money for noticeably much better quality and protection.  You're phone will thank you for it.

Ready to buy tempered glass for your phone?  Read John's post on "What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Tempered Glass" before you buy!

Check out our entire collection of premium tempered glass screen protectors for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5/5s/5c, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6.

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