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What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Tempered Glass

Posted by John W on

Being someone that takes great care of their electronics I was shocked when I went to make a call on my new Samsung only to see that I had somehow managed to break the LCD screen. It was broken to the degree I couldn’t see any of the display with the exception of about 10% in the top right corner. Ughhh. In my 20 + years of being a cell phone user I have never had this happen. I’m still not sure how or what caused this. I know I didn’t drop it but never the less I found myself with a fairly expensive paperweight.

So, it was time to purchase a new phone and I decided to try out an iPhone 6+ at a cost of nearly $800. Ouch.

One thing for sure was that I was going to invest in something to protect the display and hopefully avoid another phone tragedy. What I thought would be a relatively simple purchase of a screen protector turned out to be a little more involved as I learned there are several variants to consider. The following are some of my learnings that I thought I would share to help add some clarity your screen protection options.

The first decision you will need to make is do you want one of those plastic type screen protectors or the new tempered glass? The first, a flexible piece of plastic that is applied to the surface of phone, is the least expensive however does not provide the same level of protection you will get from tempered glass. They will however provide you a moderate level of scratch resistance compared to running without any protection. The second option, tempered glass, in my opinion was the better one to go with. Given the cost of handsets now I came to the conclusion that the $20 - $30 investment in tempered glass would be well worth it if it provided an added level of protection for my $800 device.

Now that I made the decision to go with tempered glass I found out very quickly that to get the most for you money you need to do a little research and not all tempered glass are the same. Here are some things you need to consider when choosing your tempered glass.

Is it made specifically for you handset type.  You need to be careful here as getting tempered glass that is made for a similar device but not specifically yours could likely be a fraction to wide or tall resulting in an application that will look bad and not provide the protection you are investing in.

What is the thickness of the glass? Why is this important? Well there are a couple of factors to consider here. Thicker is not always better.

  • If the quality of the glass is sub-par, a thicker glass may cause the display to appear cloudy.
  • If the glass is too thick it may impact the sensitivity and thus make it harder to control the swipe and touch functions on your phone.
  • Depending on what type of case you have chosen for your phone and the cut of the glass your case may no longer fit if the glass is too thick. – Some tempered glass are cut a little bit smaller than the actual display screen to accommodate for this by allowing the case to fit just around the edge.
  • Lastly understand that having the tempered glass on your devise will cause some of the buttons on your phone to feel recessed as is the case on my IPhone 6+ and the home button. It didn’t bother me much at all but worth noting.

What type of edge does the glass have? As I mentioned above pay attention to the size of the glass and if it is an exact fit as it may impact your ability to use a case. Once you have figured out that piece find out if it has a beveled edge or a straight edge. Some glass options are cut strait and have somewhat of a sharp feel to them if you rub your finger along the edge. It feels like you could possibly cut your finger if you pressed hard enough. The glass I chose had a beveled edge which had a very soft edge that caused no discomfort when operating the phone and it think it looked a little better too.

Does the tempered glass have a coating that will help reduce fingerprints?  While not a necessity certainly a nice benefit.

Bottom lines, with the phones costing what they do you are well served to help protect your investment and in my opinion a $20-30 isn’t much to spend. Remember that the purpose of the tempered glass is to not only protect your display from scratches and abrasion but also to help observe the shock of a drop or bump. If it breaks and your phone doesn’t it did its job. While not full proof tempered glass is one of the best options to protect my investment.

Which brand did I end up with?  The iWalk Invincible Apple Iphone 6 PLUS Tempered Glass.  I'm so happy with it, we're making it available on the site.  You can see the entire collection of iWalk tempered glass here ==> Tempered Glass.

TIP – Once you have purchased your Tempered Glass make sure to clean your screen completely before you apply the tempered glass to your phone. Failure to do so will result in the glass not adhering properly and either immediately or in the near future causing the glass to bubble or detach. Most glass comes with a cleaning kit and instructions. Also be very careful not to touch the adhesive side of the glass else you will end up with a permanent fingerprint on the inside of the glass. If you do accidentally get a finger print or piece of dirt, cloth or anything it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to remove without smudging up the glass permanently so make sure you take your time and everything is clean and free from debris.

Good Luck!

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